How often should my piano be serviced?

This schedule isn't a hard and fast one, but we can make recommendations and set out guidelines.

The stability of the environment will determine how often it needs to be tuned. Once a year is the minimum for most pianos.  Twice a year is a good rule of thumb for an average piano in a domestic situation, though some older instruments may require more regular tuning.

Three main factors affecting the performance of a piano need periodical attention:

1-The pitch will drop if the piano is not tuned on a regular basis.

2-The amount of use and changes in its environment will determine how often the piano action should be regulated. On average this is required about every five years.

3-The voicing (toning) is subject to the quality of the piano and particularly the hammer felt. Unevenness of tone can be remedied by skilful voicing of the hammers to give a good overall balance. On concert and musicians' pianos this is done on a regular basis.